We transfer university research

to build a sustainable world

of the built environment

We are a Swiss, private, non-profit company for technology transfer from University research to Industry focused on generating value for a sustainable world of the built environment.


Technology transfer is at the heart of our mission.


We want to facilitate pioneer developments from prototype engineering (university) to market success (Industry).

Our goal is to add value to the results of scientific and technological research by transferring them to the right place at the right time.


Our first project, two show-houses at the Building Research Innovation Park, Watford (www.bre.co.uk), will be in collaboration with CSEM, Neuchatel (www.csem.ch) whom we are already linked with via the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation, Geneva (www.zenokarlschindler-foundation.ch). Our British affiliates and partners, Tigh Grian Ltd (www.tighgrian.co.uk) and JR Partners (www.jrpartners.co.uk) are also fully implied.


These show-houses “ÜserHuus by JR Partners” for the affordable housing market, will include new building techniques and revolutionary roof cladding with our partners NexPower, Taiwan (www.nexpw.com) and GenClad Ltd (www.genclad.co.uk).


We also cooperate with Hochschule Luzern (www.hslu.ch) and CSEM for the refurbishment of ÜserHuus AG premises with other BIPV technologies.


We already have refurbished the carport of ÜserHuus’ premises with NexPower terra cotta BIPV panels and two different mounting systems (see picture gallery). The next step will be BIPV shutters on the main building in the light grey of the now wooden shutters.


We have also signed a new leasing contract with BRE Ravenscraig where we will install a slate grey BIPV (thin film) roof on the existing Resource Efficient House building (see picture REH Ravenscraig).


There are different other refurbishment projects with our terra cotta BIPV, for example for farmhouses in Switzerland.


For all news about this and other projects, please visit our blog: http://userhuus.com.


UK affiliate:

Tigh Grian Ltd, Edinburgh (www.tighgrian.co.uk)


UK Partner:

JR Partners Ltd, London (www.jrpartners.co.uk)

Sunlight simulation and analysis at ÜserHuus premises by HSLU


Our team:


JACQUELINE SCHINDLER, president of board


ROBERT COWIE, member of board, vice-president


ERICH SINGER, member of board, assistant VP


Dr. STEPHEN WITTKOPF, project dvelopement manager


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